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Thursday November 16, 2017

Person places dot on Elenda Street board

More than 30 people attended the Culver City Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) meeting on November 16, 2017 to learn about a number of projects currently underway in Culver City. Before the bi-monthly BPAC meeting, the BPAP team held an Open House from 5:00 – 6:00 PM, where we shared the materials from the previous outreach event at La Ballona Elementary Fall Festival again, in case anyone wasn’t able to attend the first meeting.

The presentation boards, showed the overview of the Bicycle & Pedestrian Action Plan, Vision Zero and the High Injury Network (HIN), and the project around La Ballona Elementary, including a two-way protected bikeway along Elenda Street. After the 1-hour open house, the BPAC officially began their meeting, where the BPAP team provided a formal presentation of the projects, including public Question & Answer, followed by hearty discussion from the citizen-members of the BPAC.

The Vision Zero presentation was similar to the one given to Culver City City Council in early October, where the Councilmembers voted to instruct staff to move ahead with developing the Vision Zero goals and process. At the BPAC meeting, the members followed the lead of the Council and voted to adopt a 10-year goal of zero traffic deaths by 2028.  Vision Zero will return to the City Council in the coming months, and you can stay informed on the project and the rest of the BPAP by signing up for our mailing list.

After Vision Zero, the consultants presented on the proposed changes near La Ballona Elementary, including the proposed bikeway along Elenda Street. At the request of city staff, a more detailed parking study was completed and additional collision analysis was completed. The detailed numbers can be found in the presentation in our Documents Section. Overall, the parking study provided a more accurate number of existing parking spots, and the collision analysis detailed the high number of collisions along Elenda Street, including at least 3 injuries of school-aged children likely traveling home from school.

If you were unable to attend the meeting, we still want to hear from you. Please see our main page at for numerous opportunities to provide feedback on existing and proposed street elements.

Saturday November 4, 2017

The Culver City Bicycle & Pedestrian Action Plan team spent the day conducting outreach and soliciting feedback at La Ballona Elementary School’s 2017 Fall Festival.  Surrounded by face painting, games, and great homemade baked goods, parents and community members stopped by our booth to review the existing 2010 plan recommendations, learn about Vision Zero, and provide feedback on the La Ballona Elementary Safe Routes to School project, which is currently in development.

People who stopped by the booth could review 9 presentation boards detailing these projects in Culver City.  We also provided opportunities for people to provide feedback that mirrored the systems on the website. People were encouraged to:

  1. Provide locations of problem areas or recommendation on an interactive map.
  2. Complete a print version of our survey.
  3. Fill out a comment card for general feedback.

While the La Ballona Safe Routes to School project is not technically part of the Culver City Bicycle & Pedestrian Action Plan, it is working to serve similar goals of a safer trip by providing protected bikeways and crosswalk improvements around La Ballona Elementary. The project will provide a key connection from the bike path along Culver Boulevard to the school, as well as improved crosswalks and curb ramps throughout the neighborhood. If you have feedback on the project, please use our comment form and we will pass your comment on to city staff.

If you missed us at La Ballona Elementary Fall Festival, you can attend a follow-up meeting, where the same materials will be on display, on November 16th, 2017 from 5:00 – 6:00 PM at Culver City City Hall. A presentation to the Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) will follow the Open House.  And, you can always review our project documents, including the presentation boards that were on display in our Documents page.

And a special thank you to everyone who stopped by and joined us at La Ballona Elementary! Go Lions!